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OIL & GAS new ventures - property acquisitions AND GEOTECHNICAL CONSULTING 

We are an American company in the energy sector. Our focus is on the acquisition of domestic and international oil and gas properties. 

"Unconventionally is just how we think. It just so happens that we love that sector of the oil and gas industry too." - Tim Rathmann (Owner and Founding Member)

Understanding the opportunity

oil prices are the lowest they've been in years. we'd like to help you modify your understanding of the oil and gas sector by assisting to increase your technical expertise and insight into the industry.

Understanding the opportunity

Investing in oil and gas projects can be highly rewarding and highly risky at the same time.  Evaluating oil and gas properties properly takes a unique approach and can be extremely challenging. Let us help you. It's one thing to buy stock in a company or hold shares of a fund that focuses on energy. It's another thing to be given/offered the opportunity to directly invest in an oil and gas project. The return on investment (ROI) from directly participating in a(n) oil & gas project(s) can be much larger than other investments, however, it is crucial to understand the complexities of the opportunity and the intricacies of the geology that may be at hand. We can help mitigate that risk.

From the surface to the subsurface, each project is different. Information is difficult to find and the quality of the data always needs to be questioned. Un-denounced to most folks, the information revealed must undergo a quality assurance process. Obtaining the proper evaluation tools, determining the best geo-technical approach and then gaining confidence in that approach, using the tools at hand, is what we specialize in.

We can provide expert insight and analysis into the upstream oil and gas industry from a geoscience and petroleum engineering perspective to help guide your future investment decisions.


Given the current low commodities price  price of oil, now is the time to work with us to take advantage of oil and gas investment opportunities, especially if it is within the Unconventional sector.

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